Saturday, 29 November 2014

Chocolate Orange, Malteser Cookies

I haven't done a cookie recipe on the blog yet so I thought now is the time! There's something a little Christmas'y about these cookies too, the flavour combination of chocolate orange reminds of that familiar little box stuffed in your stocking (you know the ones). I also really love the crunchyness of maltesers and of course more if whole chocolate chunks were not enough!? 
Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Parisian Apple Tart

This is autumnal baking at it's best and is inspired by one of my most favorite places on earth - Paris! Even though I've never properly been (except for Disneyland Paris which doesn't really count does it?!)  Anyway, there is something just so mystically enticing about the streets of Paris, mainly for the fact that I adore the countless French patisserie's on every street corner (which has got to be up there as the best type of shop ever invented!!) What's not to love about a French patisserie specializing in all things sweet?! 
Saturday, 8 November 2014

Edd Kimber's Custard Creams

I seem to be going down a nostalgic baking route just lately, and so making custard creams is no exception. There is something just so simple but yet totally satisfyingly good about these classic biscuits. I can always remember that at Christmas time, when I was little,  my mum would always buy that certain biscuit selection box named 'Family Circle'... I know cringe right - do you remember that certain box too?