Wednesday 21 October 2015

Beyond the Kitchen...

Aside from being ill a lot, and in between University open days I've pretty much had no time or no energy to cook this week but I have been quietly getting along nicely with my A level art and thought 'hey, why not show you that instead?' So this week's post does still have a foodie theme, because yes you've guessed my art is food related. Of course it is! It has to be when it's completely up to me to choose whatever theme I like. 

It may seem a bit confusing and unrelated in a way when you've not got to see my overall sketchbook but I've just picked out the stuff which I'm most proud of. Hope you like it!!!

There’s something so ironic about the verdant nutritious lettuce making a bowl for a rather contrasting convenience food – inorganic and completely at the other end of the spectrum. When shooting for this photo I decided that there of course needed to be ketchup squirted over, a classic ‘garnish’ when you think of chips, also another violent element of colour and adding to the metaphor of our eating culture – something which was at first healthy has been distorted into something full of fat and sugar. The ketchup representative of society’s ignorance of this. 

I liked the idea of imposing a strong juxtaposition which was blatantly up front about the message I was trying to convey to the viewer and so the idea behind this is likewise to the lettuce and chips painting. A banana skin acting as a wrapper to uncover a large chocolate bar hits home the major problem our country is facing. Obesity. 

(I'd just like to point out..I'm not THAT amazing at lifelike paintings, yes those are photos which I have added paint/collage to. )

Above photos inspired by the still life master  - Juan Sanchez Cotan.

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