Saturday 1 October 2016

Spinach, Watercress and Rocket Pesto (with pasta and toasted almonds)

Hey pesto! I love the green stuff, it's just so handy to have a jar of it ready and waiting in the fridge when you want a simple accompaniment to your pasta (or even some fish, couscous, or rice dish.) It's fast becoming a student staple for me due to it being so quick and versatile. I had a salad bag looking rather sorry for itself in my fridge drawer...all soggy and wilted, and as I have mentioned before in my previous post - I absolutely hate throwing away food! It's such a bad habit to get into and I've noticed now I'm at university it is harder for us lot to use up everything when we're only cooking for one. 

This is why I came up with the perfect solution of using the salad mix as the basis for my pesto. The almonds go really well with the spinach, watercress and rocket and make a nice change fro using the usual pine nuts which would be in a classic basil pesto. Blanched almonds are also considerably cheaper than pine nuts, which again, as a student - is a needs must no compromise!!! However, if you've got some brazil or walnuts (for example), they'd work just as well too so use up whatever you have. That's the key to this recipe! If your salad bag has a slightly different mixture of leaves such as pea shoots; that's also fine too. 

Spinach,  Watercress  and  Rocket  Pesto


60g grated parmesan
120g mixed salad bag - spinach, watercress and rocket
2 cloves garlic, peeled
salt and pepper
100g blanched almonds
120ml olive oil
Juice of 1 lemon


In a food processor, whiz up the parmesan until all processed into a fine crumb-like consistency. Add in the salad leaves along with the peeled garlic cloves, a pinch of salt and pepper and the nuts.

Process again until no large lumps remain. With the motor still running, gradually pour in the oil and the lemon juice. Once all combined pour into an airtight container or jar. I liked to serve mine with pasta, garnished with toasted almonds and parmesan shavings.

The pesto will keep in the fridge for upto 1 week. It can also be frozen on the day of making to last for a longer period of time.