Saturday 30 June 2018

Vegan Coffee & Biscoff Baked Doughnuts

It's been awhile since I last made some baked doughnuts (see my other doughnut recipe here) and so I felt it was about time again to come up with another recipe. This one, my friends, is vegan, yes that's right, anybody, vegan or not can enjoy these lovely cakey rings of joy! 
I was first introduced to Biscoff biscuits when I was younger, I  remember quite often going into a certain coffee shop after shopping with my mum and being served a little pack of 2 biscoff biscuits alongside my coffee, I think me and mum were more obsessed with the biscuits than the quite average coffee itself but we kept returning! So this recipe is homage to that memory really, by combining the two flavours into one as they evidently work so well together!

I have a lot to thank Biscoff for, since their biscuits and spread are both vegan, hence why my vegan friend is so into them for this reason (I'm also into the Biscoff big time, yet I am not vegan) so I thought it was only right that for her 20th birthday present that I create a batch of doughnuts using one of her favorite sweet things, that everyone can tuck into! Aren't I a great friend ;)
I should probably add at this point a fancy official disclaimer ** this post is not sponsored or affiliated with Lotus Biscoff in any way** I just really like them! 
I was tempted to drizzle the doughnuts at the end with some vegan dark chocolate, however, in the end I decided it was unnecessary, as to instead just let the wonderful rich caramelized flavour of the biscuits with the coffee flavoured doughnuts be at the center of attention. 

Vegan Coffee & Biscoff Baked Doughnuts

Makes 12 Doughnuts


155g (2/3 cup + 1 tsp) dairy free butter (Vitalite or Flora Freedom) and extra for greasing
170g (3/4 cup) soft dark brown sugar
285g ( 2 + 1/4 cups) plain flour
2 tsp bicarbonate soda
1 ½ tbsp coffee granules  
½ tbsp boiling water
255ml unsweetened almond milk

For the topping:
4 heaped tbsp lotus biscoff spread
10 lotus biscoff biscuits, crushed into pieces


Preheat the oven to 180°C/ 350°F/ gas 4. Grease a 6 hole doughnut tray (or 12 hole if you have one) with a little dairy free butter, if using a silicone doughnut tray, this won't necessary. 

Beat together the butter and sugar in a large mixing bowl until smooth and creamy. Fold in the flour and bicarbonate soda, it will resemble a crumb texture. Blend the coffee and boiling water in a jug until combined, then pour in the almond milk. Mix together and then add to the bowl. Stir altogether until you have a smooth doughnut batter. 

Spoon the cake batter into a piping bag and snip a hole, pipe enough to fill each doughnut hole. If you have a 6 hole tray, you will have to cook the first batch, wash the tray, re-grease and then pipe out the rest of the doughnut batter. 

Bake the donuts for 13-15 mins, check with a skewer inserted and comes out clean to see if they are cooked. Once baked, leave for 2 minutes in the tray before swiftly turning out the donuts onto a cooling rack to cool completely. 

When the donuts are cool, prepare the glaze by melting the biscoff spread in a high sided bowl (I used a microwave for 20-30 secs) until runny. Dip each doughnut into the glaze and tilt slightly to coat all sides evenly. Lift out and leave to drip over the bowl for a few seconds and then sprinkle with crushed biscoff biscuits. 

Best eaten on the day of making but will last for 2 days kept in an air tight container.  

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