Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Beyond the Kitchen...

Aside from being ill a lot, and in between University open days I've pretty much had no time or no energy to cook this week but I have been quietly getting along nicely with my A level art and thought 'hey, why not show you that instead?' So this week's post does still have a foodie theme, because yes you've guessed my art is food related. Of course it is! It has to be when it's completely up to me to choose whatever theme I like. 

It may seem a bit confusing and unrelated in a way when you've not got to see my overall sketchbook but I've just picked out the stuff which I'm most proud of. Hope you like it!!!

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Fig and Pistachio Frangipane Tart

I've never actually incorporated figs before into anything I've cooked or baked; I've simply just ate them raw with goats cheese and drizzled with honey. So this is my first ever attempt at baking with figs and I am impressed! There's something so striking about this humble fruit - with it's deep purple skin and vibrant pink flesh, it makes a wonderful addition the autumnal table. Figs have a naturally high sugar content, hence they make a great pairing with equally intense ingredients and flavourings like orange. 
Thursday, 1 October 2015

Choc Chip, Coffee and Walnut Jumbles (biscuit/cookie -ish!)

I first came across jumbles when flicking through a recipe book, it certainly caught my attention because I love the word. It's just a nice funny word to say isn't it? The use of the word "jumble" to indicate a mixture of stuff means you just 'jumble' all the ingredients into one pan, choose whatever flavour you want and hey presto! You've got yourself a nice biscuit err cookie thingy. I'm not sure what you'd technically class it as because I know Americans can get really fussy when you start calling biscuits - cookies when they clearly AREN'T!! But then again I get cross when they call our version of a scone a biscuit. Now that surely is just wrong. I must say that they do have an almost cookie quality to them in the centre, not chewy but on the verge if you know what I mean. Then on the outer edges they're more biscuity (if that's even a word) and by that I mean a buttery crunchy texture not a soft moist one like a scone!